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China's mobile phone industry or mobile phone industry has a relatively high growth rate, and the global mobile phone market has increased its share. In 2007, 60 billion U.S. dollars of mobile phones were made in China, accounting for more than 50% of global production. Wireless communication is managed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The mobile phone industry has developed into a large industry in China, including the study of new technologies, and the construction of mobile phones and telephone networks for manufacturing. Not only domestic companies but also foreign companies are involved. Search China for All Mobile Phone Numbers Here you can search all Chinese numbers on this site - just type and find any number - it's easy to find the address of any phone number caller location here. This is absolutely free. This is the best place to find the exact location of any cell phone, this is the best cell phone tracker in China to get complete and up-to-date information on all the national and provincial numbers. We have the complete information of the big mobile phone data to provide the latest information using GPS tracking technology. At, you can get the caller's name, location, residential address, office address, complete mobile information and other details in any Chinese city is China's largest and best mobile tracking website.

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If you want to track China's mobile phone number, is the right choice. Our database has over 100 million mobile phone numbers to provide you with better results. At, you can get caller location, area, city, state and full address for free. is the number one mobile phone number tracker in China and other parts of the world. According to the terms of the law, we cannot share personal information such as name, house number, location map, etc., so we only provide temporary location information.

Operator and assigned code list

130 - China Unicom       131 - China Unicom       132 - China Unicom       133 - China Telecom       134 - China Mobile
135 - China Mobile       136 - China Mobile       137 - China Mobile       138 - China Mobile       139 - China Mobile
150 - China Mobile       151 - China Mobile       152 - China Mobile       153 - China Telecom       155 - China Unicom
156 - China Unicom       157 - China Mobile       158 - China Mobile       159 - China Mobile       185 - China Unicom
186 - China Unicom       188 - China Mobile       189 - China Telecom      

We request you to authenticate the correctness of the data with the suitable officials in the Department of telephone authority, and we are not responsible for any outcome of the results displayed here. The given information is tentative and only for reference purpose. If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us. has a menu on the contact page. 中国的手机行业或手机行业中有较高的增长速度,全球手机市场上提高份额。 2007年,600亿美元的移动电话在中国制造的,占全球产量的50%以上 无线通信是由工业和信息化部管理。手机行业在中国已经发展成为一个大产业,包括新技术的研究,制造的手机和电话网络的建设中,不仅有国内企业也有外国公司参与 在这里搜索中国所有手机号码 你可以在这里搜索所有中国的数字在这个网站 - 只需键入并找到任何数量的- 很容易 查找任何手机号码来电者位置的地址在这里。这是绝对免费. 这是为了找到任何手机当前位置,确切的细节最好的地方 这是最好的手机跟踪器在中国得到完整和最新的信息,在国家和省的所有号码. 我们有完整的信息大手机数据提供使用GPS跟踪技术的最新信息. 在,你可以得到来电者的名称,位置,住宅地址,办公地址,完整的移动信息和其他细节在中国任何一个城市 showjigenzong.com是中国最大和最好的移动跟踪网站