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You can trace the location details of any cellphone / mobile / fixed line belongs to Chin. Showgigenzong is the best mobile tracking & phone lookup tool in china. We have millions of Chinese phone database with complete phone caller details like name, address, location, etc. is the best phone number lookup & tracking site in China. It has the latest database with all mobile numbers used in china. By using, you can track the caller information in china based on the 11 digit mobile phone number. You can trace Location, Province, Address and location map of the caller.

Chinese cell phone / mobile phone numbers are 11 digit number assigned based on the location code, Based on first few digits of phone number, you can find the tentative location of each caller and their SIM card type and name of the mobile company.

There are four major telecom companies in China, handles the entire services namely,
  • China Mobile
  • China Telecom
  • China TelecomĀ 
  • China Unicom

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    China has the largest mobile phone number users in the world, So its obvious that lot of mobile users get calls from unknown numbers, during such cases plays vital role in helping customers to know the tentative location of the mobile phone / cell phone number using phone lookup tool. phone lookup tool helps you to find the mobile company, tentative location ( City ), and type of card used. Hence this phone lookup tool helps you to search the missed caller / Spam messages number from our phone lookup database.
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